"Deseret" is a term used in The Book of Mormon meaning "honeybee," a symbol of industry and self-sufficiency.

The ARIZONA DESERET CHOIR enjoys being able to perform each year in a variety of settings, including small service performances and larger collaborative performances. We have had the privilege of performing with the Tempe Symphony Orchestra. We have also had the pleasure of performing with other groups in the Valley of the Sun, such as Resonance Chamber Choir, Mesa Community College Red Mountain Choir, the Red Note Foundation, and the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble.


Arizona Deseret Choir 2018 - 2019

will start again on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 7:30 pm. 

Tryouts are at 7 pm.

Spring Performances

Saturday, February 16th 6:00 pm      Call Time:  5:15 pm

Sunrise Village Active 55+ Community

5402 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa AZ

Sunday, March 10th 7:00 pm            Call Time 6:15 pm 

Mesa Arizona Mission Fireside

1266 S. 32nd St. Mesa  AZ

Sunday, March 17th 7:00 pm            Call Time  6:15 pm

Tempe Arizona Mission  Fireside

1000 S. McAllister Ave. Tempe AZ

Friday, March 22nd   7:00 pm          Call Time  6:15 pm  Orangewood Shadows  RV Resort

3165 E. University Dr. Mesa AZ

Saturday, April 13th 3:30 pm            Call Time 2:45 pm

Brookdale North Mesa 

2122 E. Brown Rd. Mesa AZ

Saturday, April 27th 3:00 pm           Call Time 2:15 pm

Brookdale East Arbor 

6060 E. Arbor Ave. Mesa AZ

2018-2019 Performance Schedule